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This is wonderful. I like to think of intentions rather than resolutions as well. As for eating, I believe all things in moderation is the key. Science may disagree but at least it gives me a plan! And exercise. YES.


Connection, being more open and accessible, is my goal for the year.


I understand what you mean about spending more time being a human being. We could do some of that together!


"Focus" was my 2014 word. I was anything but. Oh well! Peace is good. So is connection.


Cute photo! Is this the niecelet you taught to knit a few years back? Glad to see your hand knit is well appreciated. Connection is a good thing.


Numbers 4 and 5 contradict. Choose number 5. Also (as long as I'm being dictatorial), follow the Three E Diet: Eat Less. Eat Better. Exercise More. Any steps in those directions count.


These are all good, sensible goals. #5 and 6 are on my short list for 2015 as well. I've given up trying to figure out food intake at this stage of the game.


For diet - moderation and variety are all you really need to consider. Whatever is declared bad today will be declared good tomorrow (and vice versa), so relax and enjoy life.

And don't let #4 keep you from #5...


Tarpit, that describes my work day exactly. My one and only "resolution" for the year is to try to figure out 1) how not to step into the tar in the first place, and 2) how to get out once stuck. I do way more stuff than is probably really necessary, and most is totally unappreciated.

And being a human being is good. Nobody gets to the end of their life and wishes their papers were organized better. :-)


Which paper was that? Would be curious to see. I still go by Michael Pollan's "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." I do eat a lot of meat, though, because "mostly plants" leaves me mostly hungry.

Your gift-giving mantra is perfect, of course. Having hangups about whether a gift is appreciated, fully and in the right way, is the road to madness. This is why I love registries and gift cards, and I have no shame about giving cash gifts.

Happy new 2015!

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