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To every thing there is a season, and you've written a lovely ode to some of the best of this season.

Cheryl S.

The moonflowers are so pretty - and I love the spiral buds. I have some purple morning glory that reseeds itself happily, but I'm rarely out in the garden early enough to enjoy the flowers. I'm afraid I probably wouldn't see the moonflowers too much, either.


Pretty red leaves. I miss fall color. I even miss snow.


I want to try moonflowers next year - are you saying it's not worth it? As for the weather, well, you know what I think. But I'm with you on the full red wines.


Mmmm. Chicken.


I wish I had more patience for gardening ... I think I'll just enjoy your moonflowers. I didn't mind seeing the snow today, although I hope it doesn't last, not quite yet. The chicken, sweater knitting, and red wine, though, those I am on board with!


This was a very snuggle-in sort of day. I left the house to go to church and the grocery store, and that was it.


You make winter sound like the perfect season, which for you it is. I'd like it all except the dark (oh, and the cold!).


You almost make me appreciate this time of year. Almost...


I love moonflowers, esp in the evening as it's the last visible color. Well worth the effort, though your back may not agree. Enjoying the leaves on my Kwanzaan cherry tree and pink Kousa dogwood- from purples to mauves and bright reds and greens to orangey reds respectively. The morning light catches them just so and it's breathtaking.

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