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I'm not much of a movie watcher, but I've seen two of those on your list. Which two, I'll leave you to guess.


Every year we try to watch It's a Wonderful Life. We love it and we cry, too. Love Carry Grant in anything!

Caroline M

I've not seen four of those. I had forgotten about Galaxy Quest, time to introduce that one to the next generation.

Lydia S

I love all things Clint Eastwood, except Grand Torino-I'm still waiting for him to not really be dead!


It's a Wonderful Life made my list, too. :)


I'm not a sci fi fan but I'm with you on everything else. Oh wait, except the Clint Eastwood one. Blech. But I know I'm in the minority there.


I'm all over #11. My DH loves to quote the "Never argue with a Sicilian" line. Probably because there's a lot of that happening in my genetic tree.

Melissa G

Ah hah! Music and movies I like. Happy solstice!

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