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Good for Margene. Tull was great, wasn't he? And yes, I agree about Gordon Lightfoot. What a schmuck but Dale loves him.


I think Ian Anderson stood on one leg the whole concert. You saw many and being a part of the music was important at that time in our history. At least you have the Zep on your list! My goal in living away from home and in downtown SLC was easy access to concerts and the scene. I made just enough money to pull it off. Those were the days, my friend.


Go on with your Led Zeppelin. I had nothing much for this topic.


So I guess you won't be getting anything from the Ticketmaster settlement...

One of the legendary Dead stops was in Maine at the Augusta Civic Center in 1984. The venue's a little larger than my high school gym. Fortunately a sympathetic chief resident gave me a couple of days' meeting time off to attend "Seminars In Applied Neuropharmacology." I staked out good turf Jerry side of the tapers, sat next to a woman in homespun who hadn't been away from her commune since her last show in 1969.

I'll remind you the next time the Cheese come to your area.


My husband has an extra ticket to see Paul McCartney this summer. Just sayin'.


I saw Arlo Guthrie opening for Judy Collins at the Merriweather Post Pavilion. He did Alice's Restaurant. And the Motorcycle Song.
Then when I was in graduate school three of us went to Constitution Hall to see Joni Mitchell--the album was Court and Spark.
And I heard Mabel Mercer live, twice, in D.C.
(Don't ask me how long it was before the penny dropped that Yes was the name of the band and not the answer to some question I'd missed.)


I saw Arlo Guthrie in Central Park when Harry Chaplin was his opening act!


oops- Chapin. . .

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