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If you only had some "staff" you could easily accomplish many of these! Your staff could organize, cook, and clean, leaving you more time to try the rest. Sadly, my servants have yet to show up.


Please please please do #11. It would help with #4, too. And Lynn is right, unfortunately.


Agreeing with Carole!


#4 is high on my list, too! And you're at the top of that list. As Carole said, #11 helps with connections.
There is no reason you can't knit a good sweater. First is picking a pattern that has the potential to fit well and is easy to make adjustments, too. Next is making sure of your gauge, and last is the knitting part. You CAN do it well.


#9 for sure and #4 - but you suspected that. :) I've tackled #1 this month after a busted ankle in January, but whew, not easy to get kick-started into regular exercise again.


I love the variety of your list. I love to organize (#2) and always tell my friends that I'd do it for them for free. A couple of folks have taken me up on it, and I've had so much fun. I even pet & house-sat for a friend for 2 weeks a few summers ago and organized all of her closets (she asked me to) while I was there! I'm with you on #3.

Caroline M

I'd like to try pottery and stained glass and I keep thinking about learning an instrument so I can get my own back with the endless arpeggios. The question (for both me and you) is "what's stopping you?"


How did I not know that you are a fellow Triple Crown watcher? My fingers are crossed for California Chrome ... the drought needs to be broken.


I keep hoping someone will invent a daystretcher. Because 24 hours just isn't enough...


#8 is simple, but not easy. I've gone to Stitches many many times, but still haven't found the class that explains the process by which good patterns, well executed in good yarn, are transformed into yucky sweaters. It may just be a matter of knitting enough that you've made all the mistakes once so you don't make them again.


You are so right about that cafeteria.


#9 is my constant try. If you do #11, I'd probably read more blogs more often.

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