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Interesting. Spider removal from the house and dead/half-dead animal removal from the yard is my job.


You guys make a great team. I'm with ya on removing the creatures - most especially the ones who are still alive and kicking!


Teamwork is key to getting jobs done around the house and you two have a good system.


I don't do insects either -- yuk!


Hey, what's wrong with insects?????

Caroline M

Mow the lawn (yesterday's job of the day)

Caroline M

I forgot to say that I am the queen of stuck lids, it is the one thing I learned as part of my degree that I still use on a weekly basis.


Totally agree on the bugs. As for packing, I do the suitcases but he fits everything into the car. This was especially helpful back when we were camping.


I'm going to have to try that Amazon deal! ;-)


Okay, I'm curious about the story behind #4...


I make him open the jar lids, since he's usually the one who tightens them down too hard to ever open again. I can get factory-tightened lids open, but not Madman-tightened lids...
And I'm curious about #4, also.

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