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I hear you on so many of these but especially #6 and #10. Well. I actually feel pretty good about the exercise but I've gained some weight and I definitely don't feel good about that.


And now, because of #5, I'll have that song playing endlessly in my head for the rest of the evening! lol


How fun #6 would be! It will be awhile before we have a big knitter get together here, which is nothing like you eastern guys are able to do. Hugs all around!
It's 65 and sunny today, which is disconcerting, and makes me feel guilty (and envious).


Geez, you should have said something, I would have given you all of my winter since you think it's been so perfect. All of it. Every last polar vortex/nor-easter/ice sheet of driveway bit of it. All yours. Because I am nice like that.


Yay to you loving winter. It has been wonderful! Yay again that you're heading to SPA and I'll see you there.


Re: #5
I had a solo in our MS II talent show singing "I Feel Ready (for Clinical Years..)" I'll have to sing it for you some time.


Yessirree, if you're a fan of winter, this is the one you'll love. It's been extremely wintery in its extreme winterishness. (Blech!)
Glad you're feeling better and have fun at SPA.


#5 compels me to point you toward this:


I haven't minded this winter much, either. Although it is the last one which we will endure without a snow blower.


I know you are enjoying every winter moment, and I don't begrudge you. However, my vote is for spring!

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