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I hope you are well soon!
It is great to have a healthcare professional who will explain things well. I didn't realize the EKG had been around for so long.
I live my life without lists. It is possible, despite what you think. :)


Wonderful list today. I hope you are feeling better. And SPA is almost here!


Did you know there is an ECGs for the iPhone?

Today is a quiet day at home as my elective procedures (aren't they all) finally canceled as I was getting ready to leave. Perhaps I should unearth my snow shoes.


Coasters are a really good thing to knit when you are sick. They're mindlessly easy and you feel productive. Hope you feel better soon!


Ponders how to highwire a ramekin of soothing freshly made French Onion soup to you through the interwebs... Feel better!


It sucks that you are sick. You may have other great superpowers, but the virus wins this round. Bummer.

I know what you see at work, and I wonder the same thing. Then I try not to think about it too long.


Yeah, viruses suck. Feel better soon!


GAH. VIRUS BE GONE. Was in to see my doc yesterday - she was walking around with flu B for 2 weeks. She didn't even want to touch me, filled out my paperwork, sent me home. Blech. Be better.


There is something going around, and your work puts you squarely in its path. Feel better soon.


Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly. Although the hiatus sounds nice. Two separate viruses?


We had back-to-back rounds of (suspected) influenza (confirmed cases at our daycare) and then (suspected) norovirus ('cuz standard food poisoning should not be contagious). Two children w/sudden-onset projectile vomiting, fever, diarrhea. One husband with fever and shaking like a leaf, unable to get out of bed for 2 days. Viruses suck.

Re #3: This is so very good for you, the grounding and being present! I see similar to you, but not in person - this week brought pictures of massive polycystic kidneys and outcomes of plastic surgery after severe trauma. So many ways a body can go wrong or have wrong brought onto it.

Caroline M

I've had childpox this week, it's rife with about 5 per class out of school. I can manage vertical now, still have to stop coughing from my toes. I spent a day on the sofa with a hot water bottle, a duvet, the full range of knitted goods (socks, sweater, cowl, hat and gloves) and I still couldn't get warm.

Weaving handspun made me spin much better joins. When you've had to deal with a few ends that drift apart it makes you take that extra moment in the spinning.

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