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Why not tackle all the not-blue yarn in 2014? That might be do-able. Also, it sounds as though you really did accomplish a lot in 2013, even if it wasn't all the stated goals. And Happy New Year!


Hahahahahaha. You're an ambitious one, aren't you?


You know what - pfft - go for it. I'm a firm believer in making the crazy lists. And even doing some of the stuff on them.

Maybe next year you can add "post New Year's photo of all the blue yarn in the house" for us. You know... before you knit it all...


You're ambitious. That's not such a bad thing.


Happy New Year! On the bright side of the big list, you know that you'll get a number of them done and won't be lacking in variety/options.


You're making it too complicated.

1. Knit with joy.
2. Maybe finish something. Now and then.
1. Spin with joy.
2. Maybe finish plying something. Now and then.
1. Weave with joy.
2. Learn lots.
3. Maybe finish something. Now and then.

There. See? Much simpler.


Happy New Year! As for the lists, WOWZA!


What great weather to knit with cashmere. That one you'll finish. Happy new year!


I'm with gayle!

I'm learning patterndrafting and/or alterations now, with much help from a new friend with decades of sewing experience. She is in Oregon, so I send photos of me wearing things, she reviews them and offers critiques and solutions, I try again, take new photos, lather, rinse, repeat. I've been working on a t-shirt since mid Dec, a simple, no-brainer t-shirt.

OK, I'm now on muslin number FOUR, the shirt now has a center back seam and bust darts, and I have not had a single successful sleeve (made 2 so far). The bodice fits amazingly well now, though. I may not have a shirt to show for it yet, but I've learned a lot about fitting. For my psyche, it's not about finishing.

Enjoy the cold weather. We're having a high of -17F, with windchill of about -55F, I think. News radio person said it's actually warmer in Antarctica than MN today!


Yeah, put me in the Gayle camp. Did you have fun with what you accomplished? Then good for you. :)

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