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Nuvem looks like a lovely knit, and should keep you warm while you're knitting. Is it variegated yarn?


I finished my Nuvem months ago but still haven't blocked it. How many calories do you think I can burn blocking a shawl??

Cheryl S.

I have come to the same conclusion about exercising and weight loss. Exercising is great, of course, for your general health. But I'm not so sure about it as a weight loss technique. I have actually just started with the 5+2 thing myself, as of last week.


Eat less, move more. That's my mantra.


My reason for exercising is to have muscles that fire properly, keep me moving well as I age, and give me strength. I cook almost all my own food and I think that makes a difference.


I think it depends on w.h.a.t you are eating. I am doing the 90 days Commit to be Fit program through my gym. It's fitness, nutrition, stress management oriented. The first week I started cutting out processed food, caffeine, alcohol and sugar. I lost 4 lbs. The second week( now) I am doing the cleanse. Lots and lots of veggies raw and cooked, quinoa ( a seed), some fruit, tofu, non- fat greek yogurt, and if needed for the more active people 3 oz of white fish, chicken etc... No grains until week 6. I thought it would be awful, but I never did I think I'd be ecstatic to eat a spinach pear salad for breakfast. Dude I am stuffed. I've lost another 6 lbs on week 2 for a total of 10 lbs lost. I even went to the gym and exercised for 90 mins on Saturday without ill-effect in addition to the group Pilates exercise in class day (Tues). We were told to lay low as energy might be low. This week the fitness will be upped to 3 times a week outside of the class and daily stretching. Each of us has had a 60 min one-on-one session with a personal trainer to personalize our workouts and started a worksheet. I am hoping this will be the perfect platform for me to get jump started into regular exercise and wiser eating.


It's true and as simeple as that, in order to weigh less we need to eat less. I think it's important to keep our bodies movin in whatever manner we are capable of doing. It's good for our minds and our spirits which also feeds our bodies.

Peg in Kensington, California

Interesting. I have become gluten-intolerant (along with some other stuff - hardly any dairy). It is amazing for me that without bread, crackers, chips, etc., that I cannot keep weight on. I exercise a lot (rowing, erging, TRX, and Pilates). My friends who have cut grains out of their lives have lost weight without much difficulty. I love food, but can't seem to eat enough. I know most people don't have this problem and it is really new to me. Weird.


Eat a little less and STRENGTH TRAIN. Any kind of dieting will also degrade your lean tissue, so strength training will help offset that part. IMO, skipping 700 cal in a day is hard to do without feeling hungry or deprived. Log everything you eat - weigh and measure, don't guesstimate - and you'll learn that 700 is a LOT of food to not be eating. That kind of deficit would make me CRABBY.

Have you looked at (have I mentioned already) Bittman's VB6? I tried it for a while but ended up hungry so went back to including low-fat dairy and eating dinner leftovers (w/meat) for lunch. I want to give it another go, just the meal planning part is tricky. I've lost 15 lbs and am at goal weight but figured I'd shoot for the moon and try for another 10 lbs.

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