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I made my turkey stock the weekend before last and put it in the freezer - it's nice to have that done. Yesterday I did the pies, cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, all I have to do today is put the turkey in the oven and make the stuffing and supervise Hannah as she assembles the relish tray. My sister-in-law is bringing the veggies, hooray! Happy Thanksgiving!


I've been searching for a really good stuffing recipe for ~25 years, and this year I found your linked recipe. I'm glad to read you concur with all the positive reviews since I prepared it yesterday and it's ready to go in the oven. Happy Thanksgiving!


Nice! Unsurprisingly, I bought my turkey stock at the Whole Foods. ;-)


Since turkey pieces will be available for the foreseeable future I plan to make turkey stock/soup in the next week or so. My mom had the best stuffing ever. Happy Thanksgiving, dear friend! Best to Mr. E and *clink* to you both!


Happy Thanksgiving!
Madman and I had our Turkey Day on Tuesday, since I have to work today. *sigh*

Cheryl S.

One of my strongest Thanksgiving tradition memories is that the night before, my sister and I would rip slices of bread into pieces and put them in a big bowl. Then we put a clean kitchen towel over the top and left it to dry out a bit before morning. I was an adult before I discovered that most people use bread cubes that are completely dried/toasted. But with that said, our stuffing was never "sog". I guess it's because it was stuffed into the bird dry, and only got moisture from the turkey itself.

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