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Caroline M

How interesting - a new cast on. I'll file that away for future reference, I particularly like that it's the same on both sides.


I love the interwebs. We learn anything and everything we need to know. The name of the cast on is worth it's weight in gold. Good work!


What a difference a cast-on can make...
I'm thinking it would make a pretty edge for a top-down sock. And just saying the name is fun!


Maybe I should just let you do all my cast-ons, since you're so knowledgable....


Sometimes "mindless" knitting turns out not to be. Who knew you needed a post-graduate research degree to just get cast on?


I discovered a stretchy cast-on on YouTube that is very similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf8cY_djTRI. But I like the looks of the Chinese waitress one.

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