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Hope to see you at Rhinebeck!


I agree about shopping for good food and cooking good meals. Please tell me if the apples live up to the promise. I have an apple cranberry pie in the oven right now and I used local honey crisps and macs because they were what I had on hand. Have fun at Rhinebeck! Oh, and what was the wine??


Ack! The interwebs ate my response. Here it goes again:

Northern Spy apples really are hard to find. Off to your farm stand to see if there are any left!

Seconding the wine query. :-)

Have a ball at Rhinebeck! May the weather be sunny and cool enough for the hand knits.


Have a blast at Rhinebeck!
I've heard of Northern Spy, but never had one. Interested in your report.


Our farm stands stick with standard apple varieties and I envy your heirlooms.
Did your friend also measure you for CustomFit? I'm dithering over yarn, pattern and swatch.
Maybe Rhinebeck next year!

Peg in Kensington, California

Just was at Webs. Envious of your day trip, but we are going to tigers-Red Sox game on Saturday. See you the next time we visit.


Harvested defrosted kale from the NSA after planting garlic for next year. Made soup.
Enjoy Rhinebeck!

Caroline M

I have to write a momletter to school. Apples and wine sounds much more fun (actually even exercise sounds more fun)


Just read at Margene's that you were recently in Door County -- my neck of the woods! Sounds like you loved it... fall color? Where'd you stay? What did you do? Where'd you EAT?

Mary Lou

DS9 is my favorite. I have never had a Northern Spy but have always loved the name. Waiting to hear about the pie. A farmer here in MN made me a bag of "pie mix" some sweet and soft, some tart, some crisp. Great pie.

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