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OH, MY. I'd stay up all night looking at it. Does it have a scent?

If you miss having a wheel all that much, how about an e-spinner? I have considered ordering one and having delivered to my mother's house so I'd only have to carry it home afterwards.


Wow - that's a stunner. In general, while I like the concept of travel, the reality ... eh.. not so much.


We are lovers of our stuff and our routines. So, that's what a night-blooming cereus looks like. It was mentioned in The Warmth of Other Suns (and one other book I've read) and I've always wondered at the wonder of this flower. Now I know why.


That is a beauty! Glad it decided to perform after all this time.


That is a gorgeous bloom! And also, a great list. I'm with you on hotel exercise rooms - they suck.


Many cereus do have scent.  I was disappointed to find out mine didnt.  Harrumpf.  But it was such a beautiful girl, I forgave it.

Am hovering around the espinner.  Not yet.  Probably need to sell a wheel first.  Does seem handy for workshops and travel, more than the little Pocket Wheel.  Which has really low ratios.  Which makes it a difficult workshop wheel.



Oh, my. That flower...
I miss my books. Especially my knitting books. I know just which book I want and the shelf it's on and the page I want to consult, and it's sitting miles and miles and miles away.

Caroline M

Even with a two page packing list that's been planned for weeks there's always something I need but didn't bring. I miss my bed the most, usually I've just got used to the alien one by the time I'm due to come home.

I used to have a succulent with long flat leaves and a flower similar to that but red. Forty five years have passed and now I can't remember what it was.


My toiletries. At home I have big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, and others. When traveling, I either take little bottles and fear I'll run out, or pack big bottles that take up precious luggage space. Yes, I could use the hotel shampoo and soap, but I sometimes end up with frizzy hair and itchy skin.


The Hansen spinner is a nice wheel. That's all I'm saying.

I pretty much haven given up the idea of travel for the next decade or so.

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