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If you had done this as often as I have, you would not have obsessed about it, or at least not for that long. Repeated attempts to become the kind of person who does not skip essential information--beginning with the signs for service changes in the subway--have failed. I feel your pain. Did you consider just binding off and using it as a hot pad?


I commend you for the intestinal fortitude to even tackle that many bobbles in a single project.

If it makes you feel better, my normal process these days is to cast on, (*knit, rip entirely), then repeat from * x3. NO MATTER WHAT.


And yet on Saturday we'll go to Fiber Revival and buy more yarn and fiber, pretending blindly and blithely that wondrous shawls and sweaters and socks will flow effortlessly off our needles in the future. Ha!


Been there, done that, although not with bobbles. I had to start and rip my latest sock three times before I got it right. And not one of those ever got past the cuff ribbing.

...and that is why we love knitting. There are always [insert favorite ordinal number] chances to get it right.


Oy. But yeah, we've all made similar mistakes.


Alright, you know what what I'm going to say so I won't repeat it.
It hurts every time and we feel stupid every time, but we never stop, we persevere, which means we are all knitters with a capital K. Fiber Revival! How fun!


P.S. Your herbs look marvelous! We love our herb garden.

Peg in Kensington, California

I no longer do bobbles of any kind. You are much more persistent than I would have been.

Caroline M

I wish half reading a pattern was something I could get over but it clearly isn't. Know that you are not alone.


All those little bobblies would have driven me stark staring mad. Gibbering in the corner mad. With possible drooling. I salute you for even trying.
And, yeah, even experienced knitters make mistakes. I've been knitting for over 50 years and still make monstrous screw-ups. Know that you're in good company, are a perfectly normal knitter, and knit on.

Cheryl S.

Woe. I feel your pain. We've all been there - not that it makes you feel any better.

A good time-out always helps.

mary lou

I won't do bobbles. Also, I thought RTFP must stand for Rest The FxxK in Peace...project never to be seen again.

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