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You've packed a summers worth of eating, sightseeing, fun and exercise into one trip! No wonder you need a vacation! Humidity does wonders for a garden. I'm envious of your beautiful floral garden.


Great to hear from you! How wonderful that you had such a fun trip.


Glad you're back!
My youngest daughter took up jumping rope (rope jumping?) when she needed some regular exercise and it was the only thing she could fit into her schedule. Since she has a very long commute, the only time available to her was pre-dawn in the parking lot of her apartment complex. Picture it - small woman jumping rope at 4am by the light of the parking lot lights. She figured she got a reputation as the complex crazy lady...


You've been on my mind all this week, knowing your lack of love for summer. I'll admit, this humidity is not fun. I'll still take it over being cold but I'd sure enjoy a stretch of dry sunny weather.

Caroline M

I often feel like I need another weekend to recover from the weekend so you can imagine what I feel about holidays. I'm lucky in that our summers are often grim and so the garden can usually be left in the expectation of rain.


Your vacation sounds like quite the urban adventure. In two weeks we're heading out for the family overnighter--we round up the kids and the dog, head for the hills with what family and friend (Darin) we can find, hike a mile or two, set up camp for the night, then home the next day. The tough part is finding a place where we can light a fire to grill our dinner (NY strip and salmon have graced our plates in the past).


I'm a fan of the staycation, myself, although your trip sounds like super fun (jumprope notwithstanding).

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