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Do you know how many times I had to go back and forth between your blog and Ravelry? You've given me more to think about than I even imagined possible. My indecision has been magnified ten fold!
Thought of you through the whole episode, my heart in my throat.


Have I taught you nothing? You never leave the house without your knitting! Love you!


I have been thinking of you this past week with all the events. My son's girlfriend works for the Red Sox. And they live in Watertown. I decided to look at Vodka Gimlet - already in my queue! That style of sweater is my favorite.

Caroline M

I thought you'd be sheltering at work rather than "enjoying" the time at home.

You could always have taken a pen and paper and designed your own sweater(s). I sketch out so many when I'm bored enough to chew furniture, my track record so far is knitted two, ripped one. I have no idea how many of the drawings hit the bin straight away.


Only 30?


Wow! I'm fixated on Breckon now.


I cheated, and just went and poked through your queue, rather than do all the cut-and-pasting.
And, as is always the case, my own queue (mental, anyway) has grown longer and longer...


Haha. This is great. :)


Does anyone NOT want to knit the Minimalist Cardigan and Metro?

Right now the only thing keeping my queue from overbalancing the Ravelry site is that I refuse to queue anything with raglan seaming. Took me a long time to realize that it just doesn't work on this body. I hasten to say that your mileage may vary, and Vodka Gimlet does attract me greatly.

If you don't want your queue to reach 40 and 50, steer clear of the Interweave mag, Knit.Wear, and REALLY don't load it onto your tablet. Great simple shapes.

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