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Caroline M

Inventory the freezer - I've been planning on doing that since Novenber 2011 (when we got the new freezer). I'll do a drawer, eat some stuff and then wander away. This freezer is much bigger than the last one and the need for order is less.

It is attempting to sn here (that word must not be spoken in full) but the forecast says it's only playing at it so I can ignore it with a clear conscience.


Have you seen the game of Thrones YouTube intro spoof?? Set to "I want it now?" Hilarious.


I'm glad SOMEONE is enjoying this weather. Love you!


No more saying I have a long list. You have/are planning to be a very busy bee. Good for you for getting back to some UFOs too.

We need the snow. I know the eastern section of the country does not really. But we really really really need it. The winds have started already.


After one plays her way through winters wonders one must pay the piper. You're one busy grrl. You remind me I haven't even worn Seaweed this year and she's one I love!


We got about 10" of snow in the last 24 hours. Just when bare ground had started to peek out here and there. *sigh*


I'm with you on the post-good book letdown. I've read several really interesting books recently and am now struggling to find the next book to immerse myself in. Yesterday I spent far too much time searching on GoodReads and found nothing, but thanks to you, I think I'll give Garden of Evening Mists a try.


No, you should be just fine with the studio pants. I'm sure your DH would tell you if there was a problem. ;-)


Beautiful mountain picture. I can appreciate the view, even if I would not like to slide down the side.

LOL @ #3 - what, are you reading applications for med school?


Someone has to be happy about what happened here yesterday. At least it's someone I know. :P


Can you share the pattern name of the cowl you knit for Margene? It is beautiful!

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