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Caroline M

and look for the first signs of Spring.


I knew you'd rock this topic because you love winter! And there's no such thing as summer blahs. It's just not the right word - we need a word for not liking summer but I don't think blah is right. I'm sure you can come up with something, though.


Carole's right. We need a better term for summer "blahs". And then we all need T-shirts. Those of us with the summer "blahs", that is. (raises hand).

I think wine is appropriate for summer "blahs" too, FWIW.


The month before a seasonal transition is the hardest as the anticipation levels rise and we're living in the future. Your list is right on the money, but I love #10 best of all.


Can not thank you enough for #5!! I'll be humming that one all day!
#6 wasn't too shabby either.

Looking for a new series.


I knew you'd be good for this TOT. I do get the winter blahs sometimes but mostly I just miss having a real winter. I don't love the bitter cold but my year feels incomplete without experiencing it.


That is seriously one of my favorite cookbooks. I have her roasting book as well. Just what I need, is another reading addiction. Maybe I won't look...


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