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Melissa G

I exercise so I can play. I also like to wear out instead of outgrow (except in a style sense--80's???) my clothes.

Peg in Kensington, California

All good reasons. The younger sister and mother of one of my staff had triple-negative breast cancer. Her mother took care of the daughter until she died and then a few months later discovered she had it. My staff member exercises and does everything she can to keep it at bay.

The rowing, erging and weight-training keep me sane and may prevent all the other stuff. I have pretty good longevity genes.

I just love the way I look. I like my weight (actually, I could gain something). It's worth it.


My maternal grandmother was ravaged by dementia by the time she died. She lived with my family, so we saw the decline first hand. For probably her last 7 or 8 years, because of increasingly severe arthritis, her only physical activity was walking to the bathroom from her chair (where she watched tv, dozed, ate, read, etc).

We moved ~4 y before she died, and in the new house, radically reduced the distance from her chair to the bathroom (from about 25 feet to 5 feet). At the time, we thought we were doing her a favor by having her walk less and easing the stress on her knees. However, we all noticed a VERY sharp decline in her cognitive level within a year of moving.

Coincidence? I'm doubt it. We would do things differently, if we had the chance. And if I've learned anything from this, I remember my grandmother and keep my body moving as much as I can. Treadmill workstations, all the way!


The disease prevention stuff is a big motivator but, for me at least, it's not immediate and that makes it harder to use for motivation. I see it as the bonus for all the hard work I'm doing. My cholesterol dropped by lots of points and I no longer have to take a statin. Yay!


From where I stand (while doing chair squats), or I should say from my age, doing anything your body allows you to do is worth doing. Eating well (sans sugar and fat), exercising if just a little each day, and staying grounded are the very best ways to keep the feeling of age away. I can't help how my face looks but I can keep my body slim and strong.I am working on being more active. Good list, great reasons to keep moving!


I still am a proponent of it not always being the years, but also the mileage (stress, lack of sleep, fries, more stress). I think kudos are in order to whoever gets out there and just does it. I will never be a great athlete (my dreams of being an NFL receiver - pfft - so not happening), but there is something to be said for stemming the onslaught of everything out there that could be improved upon. Thanks for the article links too - you know I love that sort of thing. :)

Cindy D

I am keeping a Statin at bay by exercising
at least 5 -6 times a week. Small price to pay.


I've eliminated gluten and have many positive reactions, including decreasing my need for statins.

Your essay is a good kick in the butt, though, to keep moving and increase my exercise!


Well said. Yes -sir- ee, all your points are the motivation that keeps me running and skiing and riding and all sorts of "inging".


All these points are excellent ones. Thanks for sharing them!

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