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Cascade Venezia is indeed irresistible. Hmm, Eleanor cowl...

Caroline M

If Ruth moves you're good as long as you have her address and good will, she can rescue you by mail. There is no need to nail her feet to the floor. (I was speculating how one would get the partridge to stay in the pear tree and I went for gluing its feet to the branch, my son thought about clipping its wings and putting it really high up. I can't see that either is a solid solution to hanging onto Ms Fixit)


Well, obviously, if Ruth ever moves, you can just move right behind her. That's really not stalkerish at all. Srsly.
I often get to the last little bit of a huge project and fizzle out. "Oh, I can finish that in a few minutes, later" are dangerous words.


Lynn is right, you are not of the government mentality. Not knitting is a dangerous thing so you were smart to cast on something new. Knit what sings to you. Eleanor is beautiful!
Will the ripples in the universe ever be calm?


Hey! What's up with the dumping on government workers? I have very little sportweight in my stash, too. Lots of fingering, lots of worsted, a decent amount of lace. But DK and sport? Nada.

Melissa G

With you on #1.
You have solved a conundrum: background--my daughter knits and swiped a designated skein from my stash; solution--she NEEDS a sweater, in the very color & weight (sport) she swiped, so I can just order an additional skein, or 2 (from WEBS-that's where you came in).
Thank you for the elegant wording regarding the force. My phrasing is awful and edited out.

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