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I really, really want to see Lincoln, but B doesn't like to go to movies, either. Eldest went to Silver Linings Playbook while he was home and said it was wonderful.


We go to movies once or twice a year. Skyfall was our T-day treat. Maybe Judy Dench's eyesight problems have lead for her need to retire from the movies. I was totally pissed over the cars demise. Maybe Q can restore it for the next movie. The new Q was also in the British TV show "The Hour". It's very, very good and we highly recommend it (only one season so far). Lincoln is high on our "go to" list. Maybe Christmas day.

Caroline M

The boys went to see Skyfall (HD IMAX - my husband doesn't go to the flicks often and maybe it's just as well) but due to a misunderstanding of the highest order I didn't go with them. I caught myself sulking later.

Dame J now has a script reader, it can't be easy learning lines like that when you've spent all your working life reading them.


oh, skyfall. sigh. I read an article the other day about the effects company and how they 3d-printed a scale model aston to blow up. I'll see if I can dig that out of my google chats somewhere. I think it was from the adafruit blog.

That was a very sad part of the movie.

I almost had a laughing fit because we had watched Craig Ferguson's standup on netflix earlier that week, and he was saying how in Scotland, "damp" was a color (ie, "These pants are lovely, do they come in damp?"). All the wide shots of Scotland made me agree with him.



I thought it was kind of cool, and made it a little less sad that that blew up the aston.


That's exactly what I said to Dale when we saw Lincoln last weekend. What an amazing film and totally worthy of Oscars. Not just best picture but best actor for DDL, best supporting actor for Tommy Lee Jones and certainly at the least a best supporting actress nomination for Sally Field.


I love James Bond too, even the cheesy, misogynistic ones from the 60s & 70s. About the only one I just can't stand is A View To A Kill, because Tanya Roberts was awful-granted, she wasn't given much to work with-and Moore was way past his prime. Haven't seen the Daniel Craig Bonds yet but have heard great things about them!


I can't imagine Daniel Day Lewis NOT getting the Oscar for that. He was AMAZING. Mom and I saw it the day after Thanksgiving--we went to an 11:15 a.m. showing and it was packed. Totally wonderful.

...And now I'm rereading "A Team of Rivals" because Abraham Lincoln is just that amazing.


I'm with Mr. Etherknitter....not a movie-going type. We have other attributes though!

Melissa G

You go! We saw "Lincoln" as well. I was impressed by the movie theater audience. Have not seen "Skyfall" (yet). Agree re: Daniel Craig. Currently working our way through "Connections" (old PBS series, James Burke).


My husband went to Skyfall with my oldest daughter and they loved it. Totally their thing.

I like movies but they have to be worthy of the time and effort required to go. We are having a little dilemma because there are currently several that I'd like to see (or that my girls want to see with me) and it's not as simple anymore. We need to coordinate baby-watching. I'd like to see Lincoln and Hitchcock. The girls are hot to see Les Miserables.

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