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If you knew how many mistakes this knitter has made and never confessed to you wouldn't hesitate to state every one of yours.
Feather Duster was one of my favorite shawls to wear, but I don't know if I can stand to knit another (which I need to do).
Volt will be amazing and you'll wear it often, which will make the tedium of its stitches well worth the effort.
Holding you to both promises...


I really like Volt. And I gave my Feather Duster away, I really ought to knit another one. Let's hope Sandy stays far away from us!


The point on the neck is kind of funny, actually. Could have folded it down, added a tiny Swarovski crystal teardrop to it, and called it deliberate.


Psychic weight, indeed. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why beat ourselves up with something we're supposed to enjoy? What's the point of all this striving, anyhow?


Hey, it's your knitting. You can have points anywhere you want...
I really really want to knit Feather Duster. I keep eyeing Judy's at the festivals and coveting that shawl. I bought the pattern from her, and I spun the perfect yarn, but have yet to cast on. (Maybe it's the 3/4 Maplewing and the 1/4 Lyra that are gathering dust that make me feel too guilty to cast on *another* shawl...)


I love the ethereal look of Feather Duster, points or no points.

I hope Sandy passes you by.

Melissa G

I finally finished ~1000 yds of light lace weight. The 12 year old boys did a better job of blocking their half than I did (even with a headlamp on).

Cheryl S.

I must admit to finding the pointy neck of foglifter a bit funny. Maybe you could start a new trend.


But all of this leads up to the moment when you put on your hand-knit shawl/sweater/scarf/socks/hat/whatever and realize, 'I made this, and it is good!'. That's why we knit. (Well, that and meetings we're expected to attend and not scream.)


Yup, surviving the storm is the first order of business. I don't wish for a power outage, but it would probably be easier to knit without the lure of the interwebs.

Caroline M

I will admit to having hasty reblocks with a steam iron. The first time I had my heart in my mouth but after that I never gave it a second thought. I have two wips less this week, I grafted the toes of one and ripped the other back to yarn. Yes, it does feel good.


Oh, boo hoo....I have yet to knit a lace shawl, let alone block one, points or no points! And, get cracking on that Vavstuga post...I'm sure your photos are better than mine! (Bandloom is here and assembled...now what?!)


I here you on ridding myself of psychic weight. Now that I'm knitting again I am really pushing to finish off or resol;ve all the WIPs. Each one I complete makes me feel so much better.

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