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Sounds like you're going to have to rest up after your weekend...


I think your weekend must have been 10 days long! You really packed in a bunch of work and fun into the weekend!


That sounds like a really full weekend. Can't wait for your Vavstuga post. I love when other people weave.


You need a vacation to recover from your vacation! Play masquerading as work masquerading as play - it's all good.


Great approach to this topic, I love the way each thing led to the next.


I'm tired just reading about your adventures.
(I can't find you on Pinterest.)


Different than SOAR? :) But still sounds awfully good.

I don't get why the cars grind to a halt when the electricity goes off. I get that today's gas pumps don't work, but why do the cars quit running all of a sudden?


Reading your post and pretending to air bow on
the nyckelharpa. Vavstuga was the best. Sheryl


I wish you were closer to me so we could sit and discuss Vavstug. I am fascinated! You definitely had a full week/weekend!

Caroline M

I went away for a day to see if anyone else had picked up on what I saw in that photo so that I didn't look weird or obsessed or anything. Nope, just me then. Why am I seeing a lamb in October? Two big sheep, one little tiny sheep.

I would love to see your loom and your weaving. If Etherknitter can blog spinning then surely she can blog weaving too?


I have a picture of you taking that picture! You are far ahead of me, weaving-wise: I can't find my lease sticks and need more heddles, so can't start yet. Welcome to Son of Timesuck, I mean Pinterest! I'm who I am on FB. (Really miss those dinner time medical stories....NOT!)


What a great post this was!

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