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Your clematis is beautiful and delicate, like lace. I love the list and echo your sentiments. I like September because you come back to the blog after a crazy, busy August. Our garden harvests are so large this year and we are giving produce away by the armloads. If only we could wrap some of it up and send it to you. The broccoli is so fine and the potatoes divine!


Excellent list! I wish that clematis were hardier so I could grow it here.

Caroline M

One of the phrases I'm known for is "life is too short to stuff a vegetable" although I will stretch to stacking things on top of a vegetable so your aubergine is allowable.

We've been eating a lot of chard, the red is so pretty but it makes a white sauce pink.

Peg in Kensington, California

Sounds wonderful. Glad to hear so many UFO's got finished. Almost done with Wingspan and working on thrummed socks for my mom.


First off, nothing wrong with startitis.
Second, the gerbil thing is never fun, even in the depths of brrrr winter weather (albeit inside the house in the one unheated room in the basement and not outside).
Three, just let it be over. That's all I gotta say right now since it was 94 here today.


As the owner of a vintage 27-inch Glimakra Standard, acquired for $300, I am yearning to take that Basics course at Vavstuga myself. Full report, please! Maybe I can get into a class next year.


Vavstuga Week is almost here...YAY! So glad Terry made me promise to take it.....


Your approach to this topic is wonderful. Where's the lower humidity, though? Not here yet!


I love the flow of your list, as well as the points on it.
Though September makes me a little sad, because I know winter is closing in and I'll soon be back to battling snow and cold. *sigh*


Great list. I really love the way one item leads into the next. September really does feel good and promising.


Mmmm. Eggplant stuffed with lamb.


My clematis is blooming as well as the 2 starts I took from it - success at last with the new ones.

47 overnight - time to bring in the houseplants and cook more tomatoes for the freezer.

In deep winter, I will long for fall again.

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