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You will have to give me some quick blocking lessons at "camp" next week. Are you bringing that lovely with you to shame my pathetic poncho?

Caroline M

First cold of the season? I can tick that box. Mine seems to have rumbled all week, felled me for one day and then vanished.

That's an awful lot of tomatoes.


I'm glad you finished And So Are You"


Isn't Montreal wonderful? Sorry about the cold.


Love the OCD tomatoes.
Hopefully your first cold of the season will be the last cold of the season. Sorry it cut your adventure short.


Smith harvested nearly that many tomatoes from our garden. I almost told him I never want to see a tomato again! Glad your cold was short lived. If you blocked your shawl in Utah it would be dry overnight. I can't wait to see it!!


Glad that your cold was just that. It seems like everyone is gettig sick lately. Those tomatoes are a really deep, wonderful red.

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