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Two shawls is a win in my book!! Way to go! That's two times gold.
You'll eventually figure out and finish Volt and it will be a winner, too.

Cheryl S.

Definitely a good showing. Silver and a half is totally merited.


An FYI - In ice dancing (I know, wrong Olympics) the learning accomplishment level between Silver and Gold dances is called Pre-Gold. You are there. :)


Focus on the positive - you did great!

Peg in Kensington, California

Good work. I like the idea of a Pre-Gold. I don't remember where I found the instructions I used for the attached i-Cord on my Dawn (in the same book as Volt). Took forever!!! But I love it.


Silver+ is a Gold-, yes?
(I suspect Volt is holding out for a Winter Games finish...)


I think those projects are beautiful. Nicely done!


Holy Smokes!!!! I'll vote a gold medal for you..

Caroline M

Focus on the positive, it's far better than pulling a DNS.


Silver and a half! Excellent.


We'll let you stand with one foot on the gold podium and one foot on the silver. I think it's fantastic you got so much done!!


I think that a silver and a half is very respectable. What's the spot again that's just behind Bronze? I'm there.


Laurie....those shawls are SO pretty!!! I can't wait to see them in person. :-)

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