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I hate the damn penalty swatches. :P


Whether you know it or not you're going to be a three time winner in the games! The crochet bind off is not complicated. A few stitches of practice and you'll sail right through. The i-cord is in your head, maybe lost until you're fingers are in motion, but it's there. And, since you're confident the ruffle is going well, IT IS! You're going to medal THREE times!


Go, Etherknitter, go! Knit like the wind!

Caroline M

Picking it up is the hardest part after that it's plain sailing.

Plain sailing - my tip for inproving Olympic viewing is that they should paint the flags under the keel so that those of us who just turned on can see who it is that's capsized.


You can do it!


Oh, how funny (the video). I can't imagine the stress of being even the PARENT of an Olympic athlete.

Have fun going for gold!


/cheering wildly!

Peg in Kensington, California

Lovely summary. I am happy to see that you decided to finish up WIPs for the Ravelympics. I watch much and knitted little. But bought yarn in Dartmouth and Baddeck, Nova Scotia. The first at Lucy Neatby's house/store. She wasn't there (frown).


Stick it, Etherknitter, stick it!


Love this post!!! You go girl!


Great post. i hope that you fared better than I did.

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