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Melissa G

Daylilies are fascinating in their variety. We stayed in a place in CA once that had some varieties taller than me.

I have undertaken to spin for a sweater (or two). HOWEVER, my plying approach is MUCH simpler than yours.


You set the bar high and while you didn't reach the goal, you now have more spun than you did when you started. It's not nothin'. ;)
How many daylilies made it home with you? The field is fabulous!


Hey, you dragged ME to Seawright!

And I, too, DNF in the TdF. However, I will point out that you're doing a lot of spinning these days; don't sell yourself short about that.


Well, DNF is better than DNS (did not start), which was me. Any spinning at all decreases the stash and for me, that would be a good thing!


Oh my God. Etherply just cracks me up! That is just so YOU!


I love the idea of Etherply! What units of length and weight does it require?

Caroline M

I remain in the DNS camp, living in a techie household it usually means domain name server. I have no problems giving names to things so I'll go with that.

Your yarn is a lovely colour, what are you going to knit?

Cheryl S.

Etherply is awesome, and the daylilies are beautiful.


I bet the sweater will still look might-ee fine.

(Your nails are fantastic. I like that coppery-steampunkery color.)


I spun for about 10 minutes for the Tour. So, I basically made it about a kilometer from the starting gate....
DNF, indeed.


Etherply.......why am I not surprised? LOL...you and Paul crack me up! xoxo


So. You did not hit 56-whatever ounces. But how much would have spun/plied without that goal? And I do not buy your analogy of the Tour de France racer stopping at a convenience store. The singles had to be plied eventually, no? If sometime, why not now?

In my book, you are A Winner!

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