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Caroline M

I used to do my nails once, many years (decades) ago. They spend too much time in hot water now to even think about it.

I'm having a list free week which means that there's nothing I absolutely must remember. Providing no-one runs out of clean clothes we're good.


Sitting on the deck, enjoying a cocktail and a summer evening is a wonderful and simple pleasure. I'm glad you find things that make you happy every day!

Melissa G

The Rudbeckia is thriving for the 3rd year as a perennial in a container?! Cuttings for the table.


Yeah, the nail polish thing. Are metallics The In Thing now? Just yesterday I spent a good ten minutes choosing the perfect color at Target and eliminating all the frosted shades as soooo 1980. Clearly, I am not a beauty/makeup blog reader either.


Have you seen the Essie/ Soak/ Lorna's Lace's and mitt pattern collaboration of what is called Soapboxes?? Way cool.


A wonderful list of things to love. Each would be on my list, too. Your garden must be fabulous this time of year.
I go for the mani/pedi once in awhile and just have them buff my fingernails. I love polish on the toes and I'm going to look for Penny Talk next time I go!


That Essie is nice. I fell down the nail polish rabbit hole this year too. Great minds think alike. :)


I think it's the youngster birds testing their wings and showing off. Drag-racing maybe? We have a group who do loop-de-loops off the back deck, and then refuel at the feeder by my office downstairs.

I'm with you on #1.


I saw some purple nail polish today that almost made me give in. I might have to give it a try...
And thanks, I think, for yet another book series obsession.


Thanks for the author - I've caught up on all my favorites and needed a new trail to follow.
Substitute beer for wine in #1, and make #7 into "Sheep that actually stay in their pens", and I'm right there with you...

Barbara S

Essie Penny Talk is on my toes right now. I got mine at Ulta when I got my hair cut last Friday.

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