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Spunky has certainly taken over my stash. I suspect I could spin Spunky and only Spunky next year, and probably not come to the end of Spunky. Although I'd be quite, quite tempted by that Northern Mist....


I'm so ready for summer to be over.
Chicago in the summer? Insanity. I'm sure you had a good reason.

Caroline M

Over here summer hasn't come yet.The grass is becoming a jungle because it's never dry enough to cut.I'd rather be cold and wet over hot and stifling but I could do with one dry day a week just so I can get the laundry dry.

The misty yarn is a lovely colour, it will wear with anything.


We had a large maple taken down a couple of years ago and I agree that watching the process is very entertaining. I know you don't like this time of year but you know how I feel. Heh.


You should not make noises about the trials of spinning laceweight, when it comes out SO beautifully at the far end. Totally worth every second spent on it, IMHO.

Be cool. :)


Anyone who can climb that high awes and amazes. It would be entertaining, as well as frightening, to watch. Of course, your spinning is fabulous. I'm on the verge of selling my wheels, the interest just hasn't returned.
Chicago must mean family and good times.
I can't complain about summer, it is so short. Here it is dry and fires abound, but the rain yesterday gave us a welcome reprieve.

Cheryl S.

You should have been with us in Las Vegas. 108 on Tuesday. But on Wednesday, it was 79 and rainy. Go figure.


The reason I live in Vermont is to avoid the heat. It's so much easier to stay warm than to stay cool.
I've got some Spunky I bought for a gift that is trying to tempt me into keeping for myself...


This has been a horrid summer. But, we had a pretend-a-winter this past season. What is up with that. If I wanted heat and humidity I would live in Alabama or Mississippi.


I hate the humidity that we are now getting up here in the North Country. The heat is ok....the humidity makes me want to keep moving north. :(

Your spinning is great!!

Melissa G

Well, you know how dismal our winter was. We've been hot, dry, and smoky until this last couple days. Our UNairconditioned house is below 75 midday for the first time in weeks.

Tree work is fascinating.

Beautiful handspun.


Summer here is perfect. You should come visit.


Beautiful spinning! You should come out here instead of the city. Yesterday was the hottest day we have had, it hit all of 80 with low humidity. 54 this morning....I wore a wool sweater to watch the fireworks last week.


Hang on. It will be fall soon enough. The days and weeks, they fly by.

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