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Life is too short to spin bad fiber. How much good fiber sits as you struggle? I, too have some Gandolf, but then I have way too much fiber and little inclination.
Note: Follow directions on CA....the edge should be tight. You'll be happier with the end product, trust me.


Well now, THAT is going to be a stunning yarn, no matter what. 3-ply lace doesn't show off the lace quite as nicely as 2-ply, or so I've heard, but prove me wrong. I'm game if you are. :)


Yes, life is too short to spinn poorly prepared and processed fiber. But, the spinning is more than making up for the bad, beastly stuff. And, the shawl is beautiful. Start it now...nudge, nudge.


Anne is right...according to Judith, 2-ply is best for lace. I'll see if I can find her reason written down somewhere. (I haven't touched a wheel in more than a year!)@


Eh, it depends. Do you like patterns that are cabley and lacy? Where stitch definition (3ply) would be nice? The YO holes won't be quite as pronounced, but there's no overwhelming reason why no one should ever knit lace with 3+ply yarn. (See: all lace knit with sock yarn.) (That said, I would probably spin it as a 2ply if it's not going to end up finer than you want to knit. But that's me and my fondness for spinning 2ply yarn.)

On the other hand, why can't you stop with a single? Full it, use it as such, and it's yarn. It's only still proto-yarn if you wait to wet-finish it until it's plied.

Caroline M

I agree that keeping things for best is a waste of time, I used to visit auction houses and see so much lovely tablewear that had never seen a knife. It is a pity though when your dreams turn to second cuts and nepps.


I have no problem throwing away fiber that I find to be crappy. Time is more valuable than money. I'm glad the stuff from Anne was good and that it made up for the other.


I have no problem tossing bad fiber either. Life is definitely too short and there's so much good stuff out there that I won't waste my time with crud. But then again I have far too much fiber in the stash :)


I'm way too stingy to throw anything out. Even bad yarn can be useful - even if you have to felt it for coasters...
(This may explain why my fiber stash weighs more than I do.)


My last lace shawl was a 3-ply. I did not notice any deficiencies because of it. It's your fiber, and there are no spinning police. If you're worried about lacy parts being obscured, go with bigger needles.

Melissa G

Having just completed a 3-(chain- actually)ply lace project I found it graphically dramatic rather than delicate. Fun, but US6 or 7s are about the largest needle I'm comfortable with, larger and I feel like I'm trying to knit with chopsticks.


Of course you can spin 3-ply laceweight yarn, but you probably want to knit something other than lace with it. 3-ply makes the yarn rounder, lace looks best when knit with a flatter yarn profile, i.e., 2-ply or singles.

But sample, if you're so inclined. Make sure you love it before you invest the time in making a 3-ply for lace.

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