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I am soooo with you on #3. Love to cook, but baking is just no fun.


Ugh on #7... I don't want to like them, I just want them all gone!


I don't mind flying or dusting (we have few tsotchkes) and July I can live without. Everything else on your list I'm there 100%!


Your list is very practical. And yes on the exercise!


I agree with you on the hot weather....


Totally agree about #2--I hate hot weather. I do love baking, though!


I don't bake anything but bread; I find bread dough to be quite forgiving as to composition and baking time and if you kill the yeast and the dough doesn't rise, you can just make biscuits out of it.

Right with you on the Massachusetts drivers. I see they haven't improved since the late sixties.

I wish I liked drying my hair. SO boring.

Caroline M

I don't like dusting but I don't wish I liked it either. It's right up there with trying to like mosquitos, accept that it has no place in your life and move on.

Spinning cotton is cheaper than spinning cashmere and when you can do one well you can do the other well which is why I have a bag of cotton.


I think we are the same person. That's sort of scary, eh?


My list would be pretty similar to yours except that I do like to quilt and bake. :-)


Melissa G

Recently found a use for the linen (ouchier than cotton) lurking in my stash--crocheting a pouch. Knitting with something that doesn't stretch or have memory seems an exercise in cross-purposes. Yet, I must admit there is a cotton yarn out there with which I did not mind making a sweater.


Yes, your short ribs are EXCELLENT!


Your list definitely strikes a few chords with me - except for baking and quilting, both of which I like but don't do often enough anymore.
I'd substitute yogurt and whole wheat bread, both of which I wish I liked, but I don't...

Ann in the UP

Maybe your leftover bad drivers come to live in Michigan...

I quilt and bake, too, but dusting is a semi-annual event almost. And I despise the heat. Climate change is all bad news for me.

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