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I started And So Are You last winter for Younger Son's fiance -- she picked out the pattern -- and gave up after about 4" because the edge was too tight. I have since learned that when that seems to be happening, the cure is to do a YO one stitch in from the edge, then drop it when knitting/purling back. The edge stitch worth's of yarn saves the edge.

Not that that will help you now... (sorry)


Often a shawl with a long U shape doesn't need as much give on the edge as a triangular shawl. Fingers crossed you'll be fine. The only way I can keep an edge loose enough is to do as kmkat suggests. I'm using that method (for the first time) on my Color Affection. Being at a festival, or outdoors with the birds, makes up for disappointment. ;)

Melissa G

Somehow, after spending much of the past year lurking in and around the frog pond, I managed to finish 4 projects in one weekend (more or less). There is hope.


And people wonder why I don't knit socks.

My hummers are back as well. The female is flitting around inside the enormous quince, feeding the blossoms, and the male is trying desperately to impress her, doing his zoom-zoom swings above the bush.


If only there could be knitting without frogging. Alas.

Cheryl S.

Oh dear. I feel your pain. But, the ripping was all for the best, I'm sure.

We have not seen any hummingbirds yet. With the warm weather we were having, I thought they might come early, but it seems that perhaps they'll be late. I know there are some in the valley, but my poor feeders are lonely.


Socks do indeed lead to heartbreak. (At least yours aren't double-knit... *sigh*)
Hoping your edge is satisfactory.
My daughter and I went to NH S&W, and spent a great deal of time turning the map and trying to orient it with what we could see, in an effort to figure out where we were. Much discussion was required. And pointing.


Best title for a blog post I've seen in a long time!! ;)


I'm still in the regular portion of And So Are You and I'm enjoying it so much! Now you have my dreading the ruffle section. Our hummers are back, too, and I just love seeing them flitting around the yard. They go from the lilac bush to the feeders to the nut tree and then back again.

Caroline M

Dare I say "toe up" as a possible solution to new sock yarn issues? You still have to guess at the right size needles but you don't have to fathom out how many to cast on.


I hear you on the frogging..... I ripped out better than half of a sock foot this morning....


Yup I've been tinkling away a lot lately. Frustrating indeed!

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