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Time for deep breathing, living without the rush. If any time is time to say "it's the process" this is it.


Despite the fact I can likely hear you shaking your head and rolling your eyes over what I'm about to say.....I think having SOME progress is worthy of note. Maybe not up to whatever random goal was laid upon it at the beginning, but it's still SOME. Which is good.


Its good to see you right back at it!

Cheryl S.

I'm afraid my stash tends to be LIFO, too. I've been trying to work on that.


I don't know about quiet persistence. I think knitting and life go better with chatty persistence.


The first line of your post, pretty much sums up my blogging efforts these days.
Lynn's comment... I love it. As one of the quiet ones, I bet she's right.


I brought And So Are You with me to Virginia, thinking I would knit at night. Our days have been so long, however, that I haven't had the chance yet and I think it will wait until we get home.


For P3tog - it will look a little different, but you could try slip 1, p2tog, psso.

Or, remembering my Estonian lace experience, add yarnovers on the prior row, between the the stitches to be purled, and when you get to them on the fidgety row, slip 1, drop yo, slip 1, drop yo, slip 1 - then insert the left needle back into the 3 stitches and wiggle waggle until the tension is even, put them back on the left needle, then P3tog. Clear as mud?


We need those between times for spacers - if we just kept skipping ahead to the good bits, we'd reach the End way too soon.

OTOH, I'd be very pleased if you posted every ten minutes...

Melissa G

Scritchy parts! 7 hours on the new ACL--sitting now.

For some reason I'm finishing WIPs. Maybe 'cause I'm also knitting something with no purpose but pretty.

Caroline M

As a tight knitter I feel your pain at the P3tog. Now you've started then you'll have to finish but I might have subbed a different decrease.

It's all very blue again - should I come one day and see red I'll take it as a sign of alien possession.


Those hard parts make the good parts feel that much better in the end though, don't they?

Your shawl is going to be stunning on you in that colorway!

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