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When monogamy speaks, one must take time to listen. I have heard its voice for a couple of years.
Weaving and spinning have taken over your knitting time. It's all good.

Melissa G

That one in progress made a big impression on me (it looks great!), although I prefer crescent to triangle shapes. Thus, I was drawn to Iris for my Spring Fling. Trying to be monogamous in my spinning--the wedding is late July.


I just started a new shawl; I've had some kauni sitting around, waiting for me to knit a sweater, and I just don't have the attention span right now (nor the time) to knit stockinette on 2s or 3s.

I've been thinking of breaking out the incredible sweater machine, but that's as far as I've gotten with that, too. I finished a Kraken for my boss, though. That was knitting. I think that's the only thing I've finished this year.


That's a pretty little shawl. I'm shocked that it's blue. NOT.

Caroline M

Did I miss the arrival of a Baby Wolf or did it in some way mutate from the rigid heddle you had?

You can show me all the FOs and yarn you like but mention a loom and my train of thought derails.


I think that sometime soon you'll sit down, reach for your knitting, and carry on as if there had been no slump. (Even if you have to cast something on right that very minute in order to do that.) No sense trying to force the moment - it will arrive when it arrives.
In the meantime, spinning will give you a lovely heap of yarn to knit with...


6 lbs in 2012 seems a very do-able number. I might join you for that.... I'm already off-track on the 12/2012 concept.


I still see you knitting once a week. ;-)

Love your Pamuya and the photo shoot location! Perfect.


That's a lovely red.


I've had MANY knitting slumps - too bad you don't quilt for the off seasons :)
PS- I want to see those placemats when they're done!

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