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Sounds like CO has more snow than we do. You might be safer here.:)
Mr. E knows a good thing when he sees it (and when he feels it). The cap is very, very good looking and it must have made you feel great when he didn't take it off for 24 hours.
PS. I always go back and read the pattern after. le sigh

Cheryl S.

Yep. I didn't get a modeled shot of the hat I just finished, either.


It's tough to work with those edgy models, aint' it? Cool looking hat, fun sounding trip and (most important) see you SOON!!!


We've had very little snow this year - and I am NOT whining about it. Just holding my breath that it will continue this way for the rest of winter. (We still have March to get through, and we've had some real whomper snowstorms in March in previous years...)
If the hat looks that good on an exercise ball, it must look glorious on Mr E!


"Dick-whipped"? Did that really come out of your mouth. Love it. NOT missing snow this year, but do want to get back to snowshoeing next year. I really needed a break.


Oh yah... he looks great in it. He seems to have less personality in that picture than I remember. But maybe that's just me.

The HAT, however, looks stellar. You shoulda come to NM. Most the hills here are at 80% to 90% snow pack in the northern part of the state.


I've been grateful for the mild winter, only because it helps with the 60-min (each way) commute and because last winter was so long and cold. Nice hat! I like Foxhill but never tried the Romney.

Caroline M

I've been glad of the mild winter, we just had enough snow to justify the winter tyres, frozen milk and the new snow shovel. They all worked so I'd be happy to put them all away for another year.

It's nice that they ask for knitwear rather than having it forced upon them.

Melissa G

One of my WIPs is a man-hat. Has turned into such a riff from the pattern it's killing me. I admire your fortitude in knitting the beautiful twisted rib, wide brimmed Marsan.

Whining less about not enough winter after spending yesterday morning shoveling heavy snow.


"dick-wipt"...love that!

As for the skis releasing...all's well that ends without an ER trip. Nicely done.

kathy b

so funny and true....getting those blog images with man help is always a trick!!!!!

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