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Oh, I love that quote! I love your chocolate list, too!


Of course your list of chocolate is the most exotic and decadent one I've read all day. Love Burdick's and Vosges!


Those all sound rather lovely!

Peg in Kensington, California

When you visit San Francisco, I'll take your to Fog City News. Fantastic chocolate selection as well as cards, magazines from around the world, and other good things.


I'd rank Amedei Chuao above Cluizel, but it's harder to acquire; when I can afford it I buy 1kg slabs. For cooking. Chocolate brownies made with Chuao are better than chocolate ice cream. Also Missippi Mud Cake made with Chuao, flavoured with garam masala and using rum instead of bourbon, serve with whipped cream.

Want to come to my house? :-)

Cluizel for eating straight.

Rogers' Chocolates: Victoria Creams.
If I want calcium I'll eat cheese! (It's a good excuse).
If by chance you acquire a Herman (AKA Amish Friendship Cake), try the Rie's Sourdough Chocolate Cake recipe. Although I don't know why mine makes an incredibly moist cake (add dried cherries) when everyone else's apparently makes something bread-like.

Also, you forgot the Whoopie Pies!


My daughter brought me some Raush dark chocolate she'd acquired in a chocolate shop in Germany. So very wonderful...
Your list is making me drool. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but dark chocolate is the exception.


Great list!

I need to look into those calcium supplements...

Melissa G

Great quote! I like fresh Belgian chocolates on occasion. Otherwise the darker the better, especially if there is espresso involved. Whipping up mousse on Monday I got impatient and ended with bits of bittersweet chocolate suspended throughout--happily, a hit.

Caroline M

I'm not a big chocolate lover, it's nice enough but it doesn't wow me. Chocolate or cheese, chocolate or crisps/chips, chocolate or wool - it's not chocolate.


Remind me to make you chocolate mousse sometime.


I am not clicking on the links. NOT. That was just plain eeeevil.


I'm also a fan of excess on occasion. Everything in moderation, including moderation!

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