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O my! How lucky for you to be at this trunk show!!


Pretty socks. It's no wonder your defenses were weakened - you have been so good for so long and then you went to a TRUNK show? What did you expect? LOL.


I would have resisted everything.



Color Affection looks like a ton of fun to knit. No wonder you couldn't resist. And once the drawbridge has been lowered, well...


If you had intended to resist you never would have gone, right? How lucky, how fun, how inspiring to be surrounded by such great yarn and grand knitters.


A new pair of socks and some fresh snow - sounds and looks delightful.

Cheryl S.

Lucky you! Trunk shows are so much fun.


Missed you! I was there a bit later. Good stuff!


Love those greens. Btw, the book I told you that I was working on last year, it's published now! (I put the link in the URL field.) Just thought you'd be interested.

Melissa G

Are you reading them?

I'm still not convinced about MCN for socks--I'm too hard on them--but yours are lovely, I like the color flow. Now I have several pairs of hand knit socks of various yarns I'm trying to figure out what I like best.


Love the color on those socks. Miracles happen: I am doing some sock knitting again.


Lovely socks, really pretty yarn.

I think there should be place in one's life for all sorts of finishes, the celebrated, the quiet, the end as prelude to a new start - they're all good.

Caroline M

A cheery day would be lovely, as soon as there's a glimmer of sun I run around looking for things to photograph. Spring is coming though, the snowdrops are flowering and I saw a tree with green buds earlier this week.

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