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Happy Hanukkah! And since you asked so nicely I am sure you will get your wish too.


A very Happy Hanukkah and Happy Solstice to you and Mr. E. Today we had hope, for a short time, that snow would arrive. Sadly, oh so sadly, the storm fizzled.


Beautifully said. Happy Hanukkah and Happy Solstice, too. I like snow at Christmas, too, and all these green lawns are just wrong.


You always say it so well. Happy Holidays to you! All of them!!
I lit my candles and watched the daylight fade, what little there was of it today.

Caroline M

You may have all the snow that you like because I don't have to shovel it.


Great quote. Happy Hanukkah! Our bright light was in the form of a great thunderstorm and lots of lightning last night and a beautiful sunrise this morning. Makes me happy to know the days will be getting longer.


Happy Hanukkah! I will send you some of our snow. Since we actually have some.


You may have my share of snow. I'll be happy to forward it to you.
Happy happy Hanukkah and every possible solstice-oriented holiday. I'm going out to dance in that extra one minute of daylight we get today!


Happy Hanukkah! You said that so beautifully. I'd like some snow too but I'll have to settle for the glow of candle light to set the mood as I walk around in my shirtsleeves.

Peg in Kensington, California

Happy Hanukkah! We went to a solstice party last night and threw our cares of the last year into the fireplace with a Yule Log ablaze. The fire was illegal because in the Bay Area we have had multiple "Spare the Air" days. No rain for ages and therefore no snow in the mountains.
Before partying, I finished my Holiday Challenge with a 6K - I hope you are on track. Then did 7 x 1000 this morning at practice. Yikes.

Jo Morgan

Happy Hanukkah! Wish I could send you some of our snow. We got at least a foot overnight and it's still coming down! Addendum to the plastic bag/moth conversation -- a customer at my LYS told me about Pro Pest (available on Amazon) which seems very effective at trapping moths with no odor or noxious chemicals.


Happy Hanukkah and Good Solstice! We had our annual Solstice party again this year, with a bazillion candles lit in the house. And now the days start getting longer...


Happy Hannukkah, Laurie!


It's snowing here tonight...I hope it is snowing for you as well. :-)


More light soon! But I'm OK with the snow going elsewhere.

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