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It's funny how every spinning class gives different advice. Not that I would know since I've never actually taken a class! Thanks for taking the time to summarize all that you learned.


You'll have to blog every day for the rest of the month to catch up with yourself, you know. And that's very nice hem-stitching, btw.


Mission Falls? Who knew? Love the towel and now I must try hemstitching, darn it.


I learn more from your posts than I have in any other forum. You learn, you incorporate, you produce...more than I can say for myself. Weaving is a fast way to use the handspun you've produced. If only you would blog every day for the rest of the month!!


Shortly after I started spinning, a very nice lady gave me a whole stack of spinning books. I diligently read through them and found that they all contradicted each other. One spinner's 'Always' was another spinner's 'Never'...
So, I decided to just wing it. Whatever I did was 'right' in someone's book.


Love gayle's comment - so true.

And love your posts. Always insightful and entertaining. Well, almost.


What Gayle said could be equally applied to parenting books. Whatever you decide to do, just surround yourself with like-minded people and all will be fine. Probably.


My mechanic once told me that 'there's an ass for every seat'. I love hearing everyone's ideas. All valid.

Caroline M

I've had exactly one spinning class. I'd been spinning over a year at the time and it was one major lightbulb moment after another. When I started I said I was never spinning plain white, never spinning laceweight, never getting into that breed thing and never counting treadles. It turns out that the last one was the key to getting exactly the yarn I want on a given day and repeating it later without producing dozens of samples.

Needless to say I've bust all the other "nevers" too.


Aww....I love your last picture! I missed them very much this year.

Interesting lesson at SOAR!

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