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I don't see sunbathing on your list. ;)

This time of year I switch to some of the Spanish channels for a more upbeat, keep me awake, kind of music.

Plastic? Yarn yes. I do. Fiber, yes, some in boxes, no light. The rest is in cloth. Pillowcases are cheap, so are cotton laundry bags.


Uh oh. I have a veritable mountain of fleeces, all in plastic bags...
The store where I work plays a radio station that does Christmas music 24/7, starting on Thanksgiving. Some point in early December, I start hating all Christmas songs equally.


I'm rather fond of my iPod this time of year. Thank goodness for it and the community station which only plays Christmas music on Christmas day.
Finishing a lovely knit properly is worth any price. Which color blue did you use?


It would be nice if some (but only some) of my fiber in plastic bags felted, because then I could cry and gnash my teeth - and go buy more!


I'm more familiar with Ertha Kitt's original version of Santa Baby. Will have to go find Aretha's now.


Almost all my dyed fibre and yarn is in plastic bags - we have moth, so I can't leave it in the open, paper bags are rarities here, and there is No Room for bins that truly are air- and moth-tight. I have seen/smelt no evidence of condensation in any of the fibre in the house, even in this room, which is almost unheated and so has a wider range of temperature variations. So, if the yarn/fibre is dry when bagged - no hint of moisture whatsoever - and the house is dry with good air movement and 'normal' domestic temperature variation, and the fibre is not stored close to a direct heat source, I'm not worried. I have seen condensation inside a bag after leaving it in full sun for an hour or so, but that fibre was warm to the touch!


As for the Terra yarn thing, you're funny. Loveable and funny :-)


You and the squirrel are planking?


I too have vowed to hit the Concept 2 hard this winter. What's your favorite workout?

As for the condensation thing -- fiber + heat + moisture + friction = felt. I fail to see how non-motile fiber could felt itself. I'd worry more about mold or mildew in a sealed bag, but since most of my fiber is also in plastic bags, I'm not worrying too much about that either. Moths are a sure thing here in the woods; felt, only on purpose, so far.


I take issue with some of your Christmas music opinions but mostly I think you are right. And yes, mid-November is too early for carols, etc. My fiber is in plastic bags in an Ikea storage drawer. I'm not changing a thing.

Jo Morgan

My yarn stash is in plastic because I have muths (EZ's word). muths are relatively rare in our area--they made have come in on some of my hubby's fly tying stuff. In any case, I have never seen condensation or other damage and certainly not any felting. They are stored out of the sunlight.

Caroline M

Fleece lives in cotton bags made from curtains sewn together - pillowcases aren't big enough. Everything else lives in plastic bags or sealed plastic boxes. We don't have a climate of great extremes and I'm much more worried about moths than anything else. If I ever see condensation or felting I'll consider it. I don't have a problem believing in moths even though I've not seen one.

Melissa G

And the evidence says...thanks for opening the topic of storage. I'm a plastic person too. Some of the stash (yarn) is in the open, and I admit I rely on the spiders in the (finished) basement for protection vs m-ths.

I like counting, it gets me through lots of stuff. Then I have numbers to play with too.

Currently I am enamored with "Hitchhiker" by Martina Behm.


I hope by now your foot is improved and your rowing is well on its way to meeting the goal.


Other than the Bach Christmas Oratorio, for seasonal music I like the Windham Hill Christmas CDs. #2 is my favorite for the steel-drum Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. So festive.

Peg in Kensington, California

How's the Holiday Challenge coming? Hit 63.5% done this morning although I think an 2K erg test should count for more meters. I am a real traditionalist with Advent/Christmas music. Lots of English choirs and folky groups. With the Roches thrown in.


Hi Laurie,
Answering your question on my Blog:
What made you decide to do the grafting the way you did? What did you try before 3 stitches knitwise and 3 stitches purlwise?
- I made it like that so it would follow the edge pattern (= garter stitch). It worked fine!


Passed Thanksgiving Day and mountains of dirty dishes.. that's sounds very familiar. However, you have spent enjoyable time, i hope.

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