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SOAR was such fun! Hope you're enjoying your new wheel! She is a real thing of beauty. :-)


You new wheel looks like living gold. Can't wait to hear more and see more!


Promise?!?! Waiting here with bated breath.

So now you have the wheel. Another check on the bucket list and something to keep you in MOST EXCELLENT company when you retire. :)


Congrats on the new wheel! I'm glad SOAR was awesome, wish I could have been there, too!


I was *waiting* for this post! So glad you love your new wheel. Kim, too? LOL. I'm not surprised!!! Curly maple gleams like it has a light within.

Melissa G

I can see the glow of the maple from here.


Damn you, Laurie Etherknitter. I really DON'T need another wheel, but......I've just sent him an email. Damn, damn, damn....


Are you taking the wheel to work with you each day? (In your place,I don't think I could bear to separate from it.)


Oh lucky you to have one of Tom's wheels. I've tried them out (he's local to me) and I'm pestering him to do a large version. Enjoy!


Btw.. We are (both) excited about the byow idea. What do you think?

Your wheel made conversation impossible. I stuttered and was tongue tied.


Ooooo, hubba hubba That's a Wheel! Drooling...

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