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Again, sounds like an awesome, if overwhelming, time. You are so right about Kelly and her colors.


Love the hightech drying devices.
That wheel is very interesting. No new products, though - darn...


Your fiber life is a rich one! You have taken classes from the best and the brightest and your head must be bursting from all you've learned. Cranberry is a natural progression for you.


"Spoilers," huh? My mind is racing with guesses!

Caroline M

One woman's weird sheep is another woman's native species, I've had a fun summer swapping my common breeds for someone else's alien sheep. What's common to one of us is exotic to the other.

Are you sure that yarn doesn't just happen? I was hoping that was the cause of the overflowing bins upstairs - the yarn just happened, honestly.


I could barely catch my breath keeping up with your written antics. Sounds like you had an absolutely blast tho - and (inhale/exhale) now I'm ready for installment #3.


You're behind, and I am waiting with bated breath to hear about the new wheel. What are you, like, working or something?


Cranberry! Sounds good. Can't wait for the Rhinebeck report.


Can't wait for the Rhinebeck exploits! I fell down the rabbit hole, thanks to you and Ms. Woolen Rabbit herself, and got my name on that list. Urged by Mr. Enabler.....we love the Myrtle, however.


It was so nice to meet you at Rhinebeck!


Waiting for the next installment. Autumn is my busiest work season so I haven't made it even to Rhinebeck in years, much less anything like a class.

So, cranberry??

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