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I cannot imagine how you and Manise absorb it all. What a treasure trove of information, which you both will use, as you are both fine spinners.


All that fiber would overwhelm me! And I can just picture you, covered in fiber, running through the hotel so that you can learn MORE.

Caroline M

I've never been tempted to spin from the comb, I'm worried about leaning forward and spiking something soft, delicate and part of me.

I regularly suffer from spinner's armpit, I must look a sight with balls of brightly coloured fluff clinging to me.


More, More MORE! (bouncing in my seat). Looks completely and totally awesomely wonderful. :D

SO glad you left the salt-mines for that.


Can't wait to hear more about it. Have fun in Rhinebeck.


Enjoy Rhinebeck!
I hope you kept notes during SOAR - how could you keep all new knowledge straight in your head? Overwhelming!


I am so jealous. And your new wheel looks gorgeous.

Melissa G

I've been slowly working through my own fiber experiments. So far I've learned that prep is key.


scroop! scroop!


Exotics, in combo or alone, are luscious, ain't they. and so nicely suited to your new wheel. Glad you had fun!

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