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I love that you - unquestionably one of the smartest people I know - are a procrastinator. Mwah!


Ah, yes. Procrastinator here, too. (Sometimes it can be disguised as 'planning'...)
I'm with you on all but the tea and granola bars. #8 is the most important, I think.

Did you get to hold a falcon? I've always had a mad desire to walk around with a falcon on my wrist...


Many of your things are my things. Particularly tea.

Is it a weird coincidence I've been researching some things about falcons recently for a design concept? Vermont has such awesome things.


Your list is one of perfection. It's my day, too. :D
Every time I come to your blog I learn something new, such as the impact of Irene on falcons or hawks.


I love you AND your list. I'm with you on #1, wondering how I forgot to include #3 on my list and thinking that #2 expresses my current fibery status perfectly. Great list!


Guy Gavriel Kay, good golly, I read him in college. Tigana made me cry. Excellent. I wasn't so crazy about his other work at the time (Fionvar, bah; read Lions and Sarantine, meh), but a Song for Arbonne also was very good. Complex stories, hard to get into because he just starts off in the deep end and you have to read backward to get the relationships straight. Man. Haven't thought of him in years.

Caroline M

"Drink tea" would be something that goes on my list of "things you do ten times a day".

My library now loans ebooks so in theory I can borrow a book at silly am. (In theory because the book reader isn't mine and I haven't a clue how books get in it)

I'm not at all sure how I'd feel about sharing my home with an eagle, it would probably mean me drinking a lot more tea.


I'm with you on all 10, except #5, for lack of suitable target.


I am so with you on #8. Not a breakfast person and keep well-stocked on breakfast bars. Must try Luna as it is rather disconcerting to see a teeny bopper idol (Nick somebody?) staring at me first thing in the morning on my current brand. Well, mid-morning....now that we are home from the Big Apple with nothing much to do but sleep and change burn dressings and do PEG feedings. (Are you procrastinating on that "other thing"?


You and I are much alike. I used to eat Luna bars for breakfast for quite the same reasons, but they don't hold me till lunch. Now I boil a dozen eggs at a time, take two with me along with a cup of yogurt, and eat it when I get to work. I can't face food at o'dark thirty.


Excellent list. Many of your items are the same as mine.


Ahhh... so many similarities. I'd list them but ... yeah... number 1. Plus, I'm busy indulging with number 7. Number 6, too. And number 2 on your list ... well, I kind of live that.

And that falconry stuff? Bucket list, Baby!

Melissa G

I get jittery if there is no 2 or 3. Also guilty of 1, 4, and 10. Instead of hawking we do herding. Regarding 6, ski season is around the corner...How's Mr. E's shoulder?

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