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Gin? In the back streets? Of Chicago? I'd love to stick my finger in that poor spout for a taste.
You'll be an expert at applied i-cord by the time the shawl is finished.
Maybe David Wax will head west at some point. We'd sure enjoy seeing them live! Thanks for the tip...we shall not miss the chance.


The cartoon is classic for you. Of course I disagree but I'll look for an appropriate winter themed one to illustrate my feelings toward your favorite season.


Your MIL is a keeper. Obviously. :)

Cheryl S.

Interesting! Sounds like a fun trip.
Congrats on your I-cord!


I don't even like gin, but I'd taste it from FEW. The stills are indeed beautiful.

Caroline M

Our summers differ, this week we had one popcorn-hot day then the next was rain. Looking out of the window now, today could go either way.

I don't like gin but I'd go on the tour for the interesting copperwork alone.


I think I'd really like their music, and they're playing at a festival in NC the same time we'll be in Asheville in October BUT the festival site only lists weekend passes (at $126 each) and that's also the weekend of SAFF and a lot of hiking in the mountains. I'll keep my eyes open for them though, maybe they'll come further south!

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