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That's AWESOME!!! I'm taking a 1/2 day weaving class at SOAR. Lino would be interested in the loom too -- he digs the mechanics of it.


I think I'll need to schedule a playdate with Mr. Etherknitter sometime soon. Maybe to go look at used floor looms in Vermont or New Hampshire somewhere. You could sit in the back seat and knit.


Oh, and did you tell him I have an 8-harness table loom he could borrow, if he wants to play with textures?


You cann't complain about selvages YET. Give it a few more projects. THEN you may.

Mr. E... he is such a smart dude. Obviously you need something to keep you occupied.

PS - Have you read The Dress Lodger? (I went to college with the author.)


Learning to weave was on my list of things to learn this year. The year is half over, i better get to it! Your scarf looks lovely, the blue reminds me of denim jeans and indigo dye.


Awesome introduction to your apparent downfall.


Class August 7. Today August 10. You can't beat weaving for making a speedy scarf. But speed isn't everything, so I'm glad it was fun. Fun + speedy = again!


I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that the dishtowels are blue. A beautiful shade of blue, by the way ;)


My fingers are firmly in my ears, I am looking away, and I am singing "La la la la la" to avoid the siren call of the loom.


Great post! The comments have me rolling on the floor. An 8 harness table loom? You are so screwed. The blue fabric is beautiful. :-)


Loved my first weaving class. Would have fallen down the rabbit hole a long time ago, if Life hadn't intervened (in the form of a complex little human).

Blue, huh? Who'd have thought it?


If Mr E is also trying to enable, those brakes are going to burn out very soon...
Good luck with the new hobby. 8)


Beautiful blue! I'm pretty sure I'll head down the crazy weaving road at some point.

Who would have thought that you were a nun in a former life??


Mr E would make a fine weaver.
You weave a very fine story and, if your brakes fail, you will be a very fine weaver.


Weaving: just another excuse to play creatively with fiber. Yay!


Mmmm! Weaving! That's something that's on my list to learn. I'm resisting though, because I don't need the expense or the extra equipment and yarn to add more clutter to my life. But it sure looks like fun!

If you don't end up loving it, it's great that Mr. etherknitter want to weave.


I fell. Baby wolf and an older harrisville.. Good luck.

Caroline M

Look at that - I'm away on holiday a week and come back to find you a weaver. Tell Mr E you can get floor looms that fold up small enough to fit into the average home.

I came home to 61 blogs lined up on the blog reader and I daren't log on to Ravelry.


Gorgeous! And your selvages look pretty good to me. So SOAR will be all about generating handspun for weaving?


I fell down that rabbit hole. But sanity returned, and I sold off my looms and continue with my passion for knitting. Either way...you can't go wrong. Enjoy. :)

Melissa G

Does Mr E too feel an energy pull?


Oh, now please. How am I supposed to resist if you're going to post such lovely weaving here???


You didn't tell them WHICH loom Mr. E would like for you to have....

A tip for nice selvages....end feed shuttles. They make a world of difference. :-)


Lovely post! Enjoy your weaving--it is a marvelous way to use up stash and justify acquisitions.

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