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I am glad you survived the last two weeks, but are you sure you have enough knitting and spinning projects to last you through this hurricane? (kidding!)


Have been thinking about you during the last two weeks and very happy to hear your survived. Enjoy your garden during the next few hours. It may be quite water log by this time tomorrow. Sending good thoughts as you weather the storm and get back into the swing of life. Ah, Rhinebeck. I hope to see you all there again someday!

Caroline M

You weathered one storm to go straight into another, your timing is exquisite. I've never given much thought to choosing appropriate projects for candlelight knitting, big wool and not much shaping is probably most appropriate.


Mostly Mozart ended a night early as most arts events have been cancelled for today. Fortunately I had tickets for last night and knit baby booties during the Mozart Requiem.

It sounds like the MTA is telling us there may not be service on Monday morning. Oh, dear, *forced* to stay home and knit!


That resident was lucky to have you by his side, I'm sure of it.

Cheryl S.

Glad you had a good resident, though I don't like the sound of "stamping out lives and saving disease".

I read EPL, but can't say I liked it at all, even in retrospect.

Hunker down and stay safe!


I've never heard an alpen horn performance. It sounds interesting and... um... loud.
Hoping the storm doesn't disrupt you too much. Other than maybe giving you some extra knitting time.


Hoping all is safe and sound with you, Mr. E, the house, etc. Cuz you need another ounce of stress like a hole in the head.


Hope the storm passed you by and left all safe! We have morning glories here growing wild everywhere, you're not very popular if you actually PLANT them.

And I'm quite sure you make a good resident-launcher. He'll no doubt appreciate your hard work later on.


I have not been reading your blog for very long. I love your pictures and hearing about your life. What kind of work do you do? As I was reading I was wondering about that. You sound like a very compassionate person!


Too bad about Saturday....I'm looking forward to a rescheduled round of merriment.

I actually listened to the entire audiobook of Eat Pray Love. And liked it, despite the navel-gazing nature of it. But I couldn't watch the movie for 10 minutes. Go figure.

Good job getting through the resident-situ for yet another year. Rest well.

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