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That black fleece is gorgeous! so jealous!


I should knit more S/M.


Beautiful fluff and fleece! We had a relatively mild winter and the clematis are going gangbusters, but not blooming yet. That pink one is very nice!

Caroline M

My mother lost her clematis this winter, we bought here another which so far has had one flower. I spy side shoots so there's more to come.

I would have had all of the black, I don't care how big it is, I wouldn't have wanted to share.


I love how you suck us in with the whole "splitting" the fleece. 1/2 a fleece doesn't count, right?


You and Manise always find the best fleeces!


Pretty fleece! (Gracious of you to split it...)
I'm anxious to see your Feather Duster. I have the pattern set aside with my handspun merino/tencel. (If I ever finish Maplewing and/or Lyra, I'll cast on for it!)


Black Cormo? It must be heavenly. Feather Duster is my most oft worn shawl. You will find it worth the time and effort. Not only would we love to see more garden shots, we'd love to see more of your spinning. I, for one, never grow tired of seeing your handspun.


I was just at Whitefish Bay Farm a couple of weeks ago for their annual Shepherds' Market! Lovely setting... I had a fun photo session with some of their sheepies (posted a few photos on my blog).

Cheryl S.

I'm sure that Featherduster will be well worth the time getting the bindoff right.

Melissa G

Planning the summer projects here while trying to clear the deck for them. Hot all of a sudden to must get warm weathers in, but the heat slows me down. Light is orange from AZ fires.


Pretty fleece! I actually spun for a moment last weekend. It might be coming back....

Nick Neat Heel Balm

Shame to hear about your clematises - hope for a midder winter next year!

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